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Crocodile Cage Diving is located in the centre of Victoria Falls town. Whilst in the cage you can observe these fascinating carnivores pushing powerfully through the water from all angles. Our secure cage gives visitors the opportunity to view  these Zambezi predators in action underwater where their fierce power is visible as it’s not on land. Crocodile Cage divers can watch, touch and experience crocodiles in their own environment. Get a unique underwater look at their short legs, thick tails, scaly scutes along the back and impressive jaws.

Crocodile Cage Diving attempts to address human-wildlife conflict in Victoria Falls by promoting biodiversity and appreciation of our natural heritage. Getting to interact with a Nile Crocodile is an educational experience. We aim to demystify the negative perceptions that many have about crocodiles and teach patrons about their vital role in the wild.

About Our Crocs

We have three large, female Nile Crocodiles who were born in captivity at a crocodile farm in central Zimbabwe. After the farm was taken over by new owners, the crocodiles were abandoned and neglected by the new farmers who did not know how to take care of them. That’s when we stepped in to rescue Khiwa, Bongo and Prado.

Khiwa, Bongo and Prado!

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Operated by an over-head monorail and designed for two to four people in the cage per dive. The cage is suspended above the crocs before being slowly lowered into the enclosure to get allow you an up close and personal look at these amazing reptiles. If you wish our on-site photographer can capture the amazing moments both in and out of the cage for an extra fee- or you are welcome bring your own underwater camera.

Every dive includes 25 to 30 minutes in the enclosure with all three of these massive reptiles. Regular feeding by our crocodile handlers whilst you are on the activity encourages a face to face encounter and allows you to view the unbelievable power of a crocodiles jaws snapping shut.

Don’t miss out on Africa’s wildest underwater adventure!